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Digital Marketing Mistakes by Startups in Pakistan

Startups are prone to mistakes. There is no question about it. How the startups react to them, however, is a different ball game. Pakistan, like any other country, was quick to adapt to the startup culture which resulted in a cluster of companies that opened and shut within the first six months of their operations. Digital marketing in Pakistan remains one of the most misunderstood phenomena. In this blog post, we will dissect what the startups are doing wrong in Pakistan.

1. Not investing smartly
Preparing a digital marketing strategy is no mean feat. It takes months, sometimes, years of planning before chalking up a plan that ensures sure-shot success. The most common mistake that the startups in Pakistan make is investing too much money on Facebook marketing without keeping a check on their PPC budget. You should not be aiming to achieve the desired results riding on the back of paid marketing. Whilst investing on PPC might not be a bad idea, ideally you should be utilising your resources like SEO to the maximum capacity to achieve results on the basis of organic visits.

2. Inconsistency
What many failed startups in Pakistan have in common is something that they don’t even realize. They give up way too quickly. Remember, consistency is the key! You won’t make a million bucks in one day! It takes years of hard work and dedication to the cause before you taste that sweet fruit of success. Learn from your mistakes and be consistent even if you don’t get the desired results. You may not get them now but that won’t be the case forever.

3. High expectations, low work input
To be honest, this tip applies to all walks of life. Doesn’t it? If you work hard while keeping your expectations low, chances are, you will be pleasantly surprised with the end-result. Almost all the failed startups in Pakistan expected the moolah to flow in from all corners of their work space. It doesn’t work that way. You have to have a solid profile before you set targets for yourself that are hard, but not impossible, to achieve.

4. Poor management
If you don’t manage your resources effectively, you will end up with nothing. You cannot delegate the responsibilities of one to the other, unless the other person has explicitly asked for them. It’s amazing, how even after all these years, Pakistani startups tend to repeat the same mistakes and do not learn from them.

5. Not thinking from a customer’s perspective
Needless to say if your focus is on making as much money as you can (which is not wrong) while completely ignoring the needs of the customers, you will zilch – absolutely nothing. Put your customers’ needs before yours and watch how the tables turn for your startup.

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