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Social Media Marketing mistakes to avoid for your business

A great number of businesses have jumped on the bandwagon of social media marketing but only a handful have succeeded in what could be considered as making a strong impact. For context, consider this: the global population is ever-surging and is touching approximately 8 billion whereas 4.54 billion people are internet users of which 3.725 billion people are active social media users. In short, when it comes to earning off of internet, the opportunities are as deep and big as oceans, what you make of them, however, completely depends on your digital marketing skills.

In a recently published news story in a local newspaper, a digital marketing expert claimed that most of the people in Pakistan are unaware of this field. According to him, this unawareness had more to do with the fact that people were willingly using it to not earn anything. He said: “People think Facebook marketing is digital marketing whereas in reality that is not the case.” He was not wrong. It is a vast field, Facebook marketing is just a small fragment of it.

Anyway, we’ll delve into this debate later. For now, let’s focus on where the things go awry for businesses when it comes to social media marketing. From what we have seen, these are our general observations:

Low quality content:
Believe it or not, nobody would be bothered to check out what you are offering if your content is not top notch. It has been seen that businesses who, despite having poor products, have raked in moolah because of the content that was being posted from their social media platforms.

Less Engagement:
If you are not engaging with your followers, you are drastically reducing your chances of maximising your profits. Engage more to earn more.

Do not ever indulge in the practice of spamming. Work out your demographics, study their interests and use the social media to your advantage.

Be consistent:
Be consistent with what you are posting on your social media. The first 1,000 or 10,000 followers are hard to achieve, but once you cross that mark, your platform will see an exponential growth.

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